Something Fishy

Cant beat it at all, sat on a riverbank on a warm summers afternoon (yes thats right, i am what you call a seasonal fisherwomen) dangling my rod in the water, watching my float gently bobbing up and down in the soft summer breeze, and staring at the hypnotising water. Absolutely love it! I dont however love the patronising males who like to "Show" the little lady "A better way to do things" And its me whom reeles in the best catches Ah! I may be the only women on the bank, but thats ok i always show them a thing or two lol!

Blondevixon Blondevixon
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14 Responses Feb 25, 2010

your too cool.

Really sean? I never had you down has a fisherman lol. I went on ecclesfield pond at the weekend and i had two real big ens think they were carp, i dont like to take the hook out though because they are too slimey lol (leave that for my son eh?) And i got a good tan sat in my bikini top with the sun rays bouncing off the water

i love fishing i go around yorkshire all the time , maybe i can show you all the best spots sometime x

fishing near you id be grabbing my rod too hard to feel the fish nibble my bait?

Some say ladys are the better fishers ....B

Thanks roastlamb! Nice name btw, i think folk think im taking the p when i mention my passion for fishing. Why is it so hard to believe i wonder?

its true women are better its all to do with those things called ferermoans it sounds like that not spelt correct.<br />
As my x giri friend made up my pva bags boilles and prepaired my other bait i would have good load of fish thanks to her. . i think its great that you fish.

PML!!! would depend on the tone it was said in and if i could see you your facial ex<x>pression! But been the gent you are jadin i shall take it has a fishing

already have lol

Deeeesgusting sat!!! How dare you come into my story with your filthy sexual inuendo!!! Out you go!!! Back into your seedy world lol!

sorry , misread the heading , aint got my glasses on , thought that h was a t

I will WIB, i play along with them and relish in the look of disbelief has i anchor another out of the water lol! Its all a matter of different baits ect ect but i wont bore you with that! Power to the lady fisherwoman!

Good for you BV - never got into it myself but can imagine it would be a very peaceful way to spend an afternoon ... just ignore the patronising guys ... sounds like you've got it well sorted out!!

Oh they are Ed! I can tell you! They are green with envy! I invested good money getting the finest ones!