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Without Them Rocky Horror Wouldn't Be The Same :)

I Love fishnets. not just stockings tights, tops, gloves, The next fishnet things I'm gonna buy are a pair or fishnet tights for my Columbia costume for rocky horror this year.

Whats your favourite article of clothing? that includes lengerie and everything I wanna know what you think.
burymeinblack94 burymeinblack94 18-21, T 2 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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There is just something indescribably sexy about fishnets, and I don't know why.... but they are. That round butt, the long legs, the feet, all covered in that square pattern.... why is that so damn hot? I dunno, but pretty much every time someone wears them, they could have anything they want from me, lol. :)

I have a proper lace up corset that I love to wear, with fish net hold ups, a tiny little skirt, and, of course, stileto high heels. Rocky horror is an amazing experience, not just a great show.

Yeah I can't wait. I've started research on my Columbia costume.

I would say be yourself, not a character. Ok, be a bit Columbia-ish if you like, but really, be you!
have fun. X

No offence but **** that. I wanna go as Columbia. Mainly cause that means I get to make the outfit =]

Ps I'm great at sewing and stuff but Havent done it in ages so i really wanna make her costume and it seems the perfect skill level for me.

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