Sexy Naughty

I love the look of fishnets on a lovely not skinny not massive but chunky pair of legs their automatically an eye catcher for me and ounce i've seen them on a girl i tend to have a habit of staring nearly trance like and from time to time when i'd get really excited wit a lovely pair of legs i'd be there like an idiot mouth open staring and nearly drewling on myself lol there just so naughty and sexy and almost sluty but in a nice way sluty and no offence ment to any girl or boy that wears them i'd nearly chance wearing them meself lol
Fistmybum Fistmybum
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 24, 2012

Had I known... Lol. There's a pair in my drawer you know...

oh really miss i.ll wear them for you next time we meet have you black shiny hooker boots for me aswell miss yum yum