I Like Fishnets

I like to dress up in sexy and enticing underwear and I like the way my legs look when in stockings and heels, the way my already good legs are accentuated more.... but there's something erotic about fishnets, maybe its the combination of the bare skin still visible through the nylon and the contrast of the black netting against my white skin but it turns me on. I enjoy posing and screwing in them too.   Ladders in my stockings adds to the sultry slutty appearance of them, it's like so much fun has been had in the bedroom (or wherever) that the stockings have copped a serve too. lol.  Vixen

These photos were snapped in the local shopping center Dressing Room, I had bought these stockings and couldn't wait to try them on. xx  I like dressing up in change rooms

GROUP: I Love To ********** In Dressing Rooms
STORY: Fancy Finding This Group (hehehehe)
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great looking legs. :)

thanks sweety

you are welcum ;)

You look great in fishies!! Have made a mess of a few in my time!!

your legs look great in fishnets! yum!

Super sexy!

Hope you wore those on the way home... Would love to see those beautiful legs in black fishnets walking by! ;)

Love your work...

Gorgeous work

Lips you have the most beautiful legs. They are perfect, but in fishnets they are devine...

Wonderfully shapely and sexy legs.... A woman in stockings makes me weak in the knees. Too bury my face between your stocking covered thighs and dive face first into your popcorn *****, would be heavenly.....


Oh, you naughty girl, and I'm sure you've figured out I do love that. I also love the tease of the fishnet showing the menu of pleasures that are barely hidden. Then, too, there are those many holes that just beckon for the ripping to begin.'ve corrupted me so nicely. I thank you for that.

You look fabulous in these. I love these pics..your right fishnets look great especially on you...xx

come here and take them off with your teeth xx

Mmm dont tease come here now....xx

Again thanks for sharing XX

beautiful u have a nice figure u can wreste ur sub by wearing this

looking better every day

Do you ever wear a catsuit with open chroch ?

my catsuits/jumpsuits have studded crotch which can be torn open for easy access. I would be quite happy for my passionate lover to rip a hole in the appropriate area if need be. Tear the ***** bits out too, expose my boobs as well as my wet lips

Great fishnets and beautiful legs

Those fishnets make me so horny that they should only be worn in the bedroom or on my birthday. If you want to be totally ravaged, wear those!

Nice legs. You are sexy

VERY nice. You should pair them with a fishnet top.

So hot and sexy looking lady

You know really what a man loves to see on a sexy lady like you

so sweet ... thank you Bill

love the feel of nylons when rubbing them on a ladies legs or any part of their body

I love you in these very sexy...would love to see you dressed only in them and of course some spike heeled shoes...yummm

love the bent over shot ! ! !

hi there new to this site lets chat

Fishnets are amazingly hot. When I see a woman wearing them, they make me feel as if i have X-ray vision. :)

Gorgeous. I love your choice of shoes and panties too.

Ah.. a stocking gal..nice to see. Bravo.screwing in heels and stockings is a BIG

Damn ur hott,very stylish,sexy and desirable!!!!! ******* my **** right now!