So Sexy.

Fishnet stocking make me feel sexy plus they look fantastic with some outfits.
randomdriftwood randomdriftwood
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5 Responses Jul 4, 2007

Fishnets are sexy and I wear it occasionally, but prefer my high waisted, open bottomed girdle with shiny, silk stockings. There is nothing that beats the tight, snug , encased feeling of the girdle and the soft, silky feeling of stockings on my legs.

Same here, it gives me that pinup vibe.<br />
There's nothing sexier than fishnets!!

I love wearing fishnet stockings! Of all the stocking options, I think I love fishnets the best. I feel really sexy wearing them. Although, I also love the ones with the seam down the back as well - hearkens back to my love of the styles of the 40's.

they are sexy on a woman, or man. They are sexy as a mask, too. they are sexy to tie someone up with. they are sexy to feel and look at.

Indeed they do!