I was never that into fishnet stocking as a teenager or young woman but later on I started to wear fishnets and I am pretty hooked on them. They make me feel very feminine and I do love the looks I get from men and some women.
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I love seeing a woman wearing Fishnet Stockings...
Makes their legs look way more sexy...

Totally agree with you, have started to wear fishnets more often and I'm surprised how often other women give me looks. I like the attention I get and sometimes put on fishnet stockings and tight leather pants after I shower at the gym.

as long as they are 'proper' stockings!

True, the feel of wearing fishnets is different to 'normal' stockings. They cling to you in a different way, I always feel more 'tarty' when wearing them.

So do I, they look great especially black ones .

Makes a woman look really sexy and alluring

Love seeing women in stockings

Any 'proper' stockings look great!

Fishnets are so sexy. I'm one of those men you catch looking!