I'm A Male That Wants To Be A Female Fitness Model

It is my absolute dream to become a female fitness model. I would love to just have a fit sexy feminine body and model sexy fitness wear. Such as sports bras, short tight spandex shorts, leggings, yoga pants, women, fitness shoes, both one and two piece swimsuits, and of course my favorite thing of all, leotards and leg warmers. In addition I would like to be an aerobic instructor where all the women in the class would be envious of me and all the men wanna get with me.I would also want my own workout videos to be able to show off my beauty and femininity and to just have fun dancing and working out to cool music on film. I would also want my own Cosmopolitan fitness section showing workouts for women along with some sexy pics of me doing and also be on at least on cover of the same mag. In fact I wanna be on the covers of a lot of mags in fitness wear of course. And then finally reach my main goal and become Ms. Fitness America
jnnwalters6 jnnwalters6
22-25, M
7 Responses Jan 14, 2013

If it happens, I'll do ya

You should check this out ...

Love that video. Thanks.

Love this. Go girl!

By your pics, it looks as if you're already living your dream. Wow.

it sound like my own dream too

thanks mical

well u can be my trainer

Nice dream!
Go for it!