It Just Happens....

flirting does feel great...the thought that you've left an impact, created some attention, leaving a guy(or girl) confused...i just love doing it.. on most occurrences i get to notice the individual first, plot my move and work it out. i think its harmless, especially when you don't want anything serious. currently i am flirting with four men...only one was in the picture initially but i guess i got carried away in the game. Kon is extremely handsome and i fantasize of the day he will hold me in his arms. being a go getter i emailed him and it just picked on, dropping in some silly comments, winks, kisses. any time we meet i hug him, gently rubbing myself against his chest and giggling..i can tell he likes me...the rest fell in the picture one way or another, small laughs, smiling, bring up small talk... i just love having fun and drama in my amma flirt to the extreme...even with my pals guys...
Gynnie Gynnie
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2010

Flirting is good safe fun. I love to tell a beautiful women that she smells good or could'nt look any better. People like to hear that they are attractive to the oposite sex. I have often wondered why we find it so wrong to just come out and say "damn you are beautiful"

Trust me to read other comments before adding mine<br />
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I didn't so much folow ya narrative as pictureya pert bum wiggling its way thru the office in a short, tight microskirt<br />
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Loved the open hearted top flapping in the breeze<br />
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& as for the sheer sophistication of the sheer stockings & velvet elbow gloves ...<br />
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Right<br />
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Bedtime<br />
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redtailfree, i see your opinion....but i think telling that am only fllirting kills the excitement and fun in the game ;)

Flirting to a certain extent is okay but when you see that the person you are serious is starting to get serious with you, maybe its a good idea to let him know that you are flirting. Because it will either end up him being hurt or you when they find out you are playing with there emotions ir the both of you can get hurt or hook up. Hard to figure right?