Me Is Flirty!

I can just flirt with anybody, it is really fun. The first time i flirted with someone (a real flirt) was about at 15 or 16. They i became obsessed. Sometimes when i flirt with someone online at the end it turns out over top, well way more than i wanted, kind of weird.
SophiaLanders SophiaLanders
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You can flirt with me if you want ;)

I love flirting too although I agree sometimes it can go to far but I love the feeling of having that flirty nature and being chased:)xxx

I'm encouraging my wife to flirt with men in bars and restaurants(she doesn't need much encouragement, believe me). I want to push the edge of the envelope a little. I find it arousing to watch her, and might be willing to let her go even further. Do you think you would enjoy that kind of encouragement from a partner, so you could follow your flirting interest to greater, yet safe, heights?

honey r u a flirt or a teaser no one likes a teaser and it is a good way of getting unwanted attention from men who think u r genuine about it....mix a teasing persona with a few drinks or more and ur likely to wake up the next morning inseminated and not knowing how it happened or with whom...stop the flirting/teasing and get urself a steady guy and lead a boring but safer existence.....

when ever you flirt in person with someone has it gotten out of hand at all?

How do u flirt online? Pl teach me

Most people say they can't flirt but that is a lie, everyone can flirt they just don't want to, they don't try cause they think they going to fail at it. Let it flow, it's easy.

Yes most people can flirt but they usually get butterflies in their stomach. Take me for example, I am an introvert well usually so I am not very outgoing with strangers but once I get to know them more then the gloves comes off. I am trying to change myself to be more outgoing thought and while I am an introvert, to my special circle of friends flirting or even just joking with them is fun

I think flirting is great - you can make a man's day by flirting with him. I am happily married but love being flirted with and I will flirt back. Men love it! So keep spreading this joy around the world!

Flirting is fun! I love it too, i'm single, i want to get married when i'm older.

Flirt away!

Sometimes I would flirt w/ guys at the big box store where I work.Harmless, usually just get them chuckling at my odd ball sense of humor!

You like jokes then?

With the guys its usually just my silliness, TRYING to break up the day. Just heard from ep member that MADE MY DAY!

Really, are ep members special or something?