Flirting makes me feel alive, if the person flirts back. It is so fun and who doesn't want to be flattered? I think I'm good at it, It makes me happy to honestly make someone feel better. It makes me feel great to see a sly smile form on their face. Flirting is a wonderful thing.
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I agree, flirting is the original affirmation. Nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself unless your spouse says they don't appreciate it.
The flirting I mean.

Flirting is amazing especially when your attracted too someone .. I still get a rush up my spine when I flirt.

Flirting is fun I must admit. Do you think it ever crosses the line. Meaning, taking it to a level never expected, even to the point of hooking up.

You have taken my words.. I completely agree wit u..

It's such a warm feeling to flirt with someone, to create a momentary bond.


But I make it a rule not to flirt with anyone who points a gun at me ;)

HA!! It might help!!

I'll keep that in mind.

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it is a lot of fun for both ppl i love doing it and receiving flirts back love it vinny

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p.s. I have read that flirting even helps monogamous relationships, because it makes you more confident and when you get home to your partner you feel sexy. I have experienced this as well- Flirting with others reminds me how to flirt, And I flirt more with my partner!! We have more fun!!!!

Yes! I know what you mean!

it is a lot of fun. I enjoy flirting, but I sometimes worry about giving the wrong impression. Just because a girl flirts, doesn't necessarily mean she's interested in anything least for me.

Same can be said for a guy - or at least most guys. Some of us like flirting too . . .

thanks....that is good to know that men just enjoy flirting for the sake of flirting and not because they expect it to lead somewhere :) Flirting is fun..flattering, and makes people feel good about themselves :)