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I Love Flirting

Flirting is like foreplay, sensual, sexy . Like almost touching that spot  but  not quite . It's energizing, you can learn  alot about someone by how they flirt. What's real, what's not. Men are my main attraction, women I am still trying to figure out if & where that subject fits into my life. flirting can get me more aroused than sex sometimes.
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If you were my wife, would you openly flirt in front of me (if I said I was OK with it)? It would be arousing to watch you.

It's sure been a lifelong hobby<br />
<br />
Always brings a smile to my face<br />
<br />
& hers<br />
<br />
Or is she fallin about laughin?<br />
<br />
As for flirtin with danger ...

For me, flirting is like a soul connection. It is healthy for both people involved. It can be a boost for one's self esteem if it is accepted in a positive way. However, when a person rejects another person's flirtatious gestures, it can be devistating. But, when both parties are enjoying the attention of another human being, it can be one of the greatest turn on known to the human spirit.

Flirting is something that's hard to explain bt that GOOD feeling from doing it is speechless sometimes its easy bt sometimes its hard never tried flirting with another guy yet