As I Said In Another Group...

"I Love to Flirt"...

Men crave attention.
Women crave attention.

With flirtation we give one another what the other craves.

Flirting can be limited to fun bantering with no intent of anything more.
Flirting can be the intended prelude to a more intimate form of communication.

My mother believes that flirting is not harmless fun. She believes that the two with no intent of anything further will eventually feel the longing for something more finding its way into the banter

I told her that flirting is fun. She told me to be sure when I'm having fun flirting that its not with a man who should be home with his wife.

Yes, Mother.... I've learned my lesson!
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3 Responses Jul 4, 2012

wow dats true... im a great flirt

Flirting is an art. In my experience women are usually the experts because I smile when I hear some of the feeble attempts that men make at it. It leaves room for a charmer like me ;)<br />
<br />
BTW - What’s your secret move to turn a guy on?<br />
<br />
I think I just flirted with you.

I have met men who are quite the experts. Their charm, intelligence and wit give them the art of conversation, the art of flirting. I have also met a few who make feeble attempts. If a woman steps in to lead him, he will usually follow along quite nicely. I'm sure that's not what most men want to do...I think they'd prefer to lead rather than follow along. My secret...I don't know that I have one...letting him know he has my attention...eye contact, smiling, ability to hold my own in the conversation...etc.

Flirting is fantastic harmless fun, I totally agree with you it fills a little void or lack of attention & whether giving or receiving it, it benefits both

Flirting brings smiles and spontaneous laughter :)