A Little Flirting Goes A Long Way

I love to flirt with men. It makes them feel attractive and I feel attractive when I do it.
It doesn't have to be anything more than a comment that makes someone feel good about themselves, either physically or mentally, or it can be an entire conversation that somehow makes both parties feel a bit tingly.
Recently, two, nice looking fire fighters were seeking donations for charity. Like many females, I have admiration for firefighters who risk their lives for other people and I love a man in a uniform. However these guys had their helmets and jackets on and they were pretty heavy duty outfits so it was hard to see much about them.
My friend and I were sitting outside a coffee shop when they passed by with a fireman's boot to fill with donations.
As I put my money in it I asked, "Are you two on your way to pose for the fireman's calendar?"
They smiled and said, "No, not today."
"Are they holding tryouts?"
Now, they chuckled.
"We thought for sure you would be in it this year. We're volunteer judges and thought you guys might like to audition."
Now, they were beaming and chuckling.
I bet you're both very good at keeping the fireman's motto. (This is overcome, adapt, and improvise.) If don't see you before the calendar comes out, I'll look for you as one of the months."
Before saying this, I'd definitely checked out that they weren't wearing any wedding rings so I was pretty sure they were single.
With big grins across their faces, one of them asked, "Do you girls come here often?"
"Well, if you're here next Saturday morning, you'll see us."
"Oh, is that right?" We didn't commit ourselves one way or the other. "Hope you get lots of donations. I'm pretty sure you two will." I smiled and they went away to fill their boot with smiles on their faces too. I'm betting those two, good looking fellows did well, especially as they now looked so pleased with their job.
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9 Responses Jul 24, 2012

win win situation. Everyone feels good.

I'm sure that put a spring in their step.
Flirtings fun , it can be something as simple as a smile and a glance that lasts maybe an extra second or two or some special attention like the firemen received...lucky guys :)

Thanks. I think my friend and I were lucky too. It's not every day that you encounter two, good looking firemen on their way to a mission, unless you're home and smell something burning.

:) Glad to hear it.

Hey, as long as it's just flirting, being happily married and having a passle of kids is okey dookey. It's a way of complimenting someone, I think. I bet your wife got the benefit of your feeling attractive.

I'm sure she did. And we would get a good chuckle out of it. When you are so busy working and raising kids, you sometimes feel you are invisible. Have been at parties and had guys flirt with my wife, and maybe there is a little of bit of "someone else also finds her attractive", how lucky am I.

You do have a quick wit. And I'm sure you made those guys day. I know for me, there were several times when a woman would make a pass at me or just flirt. Always wondered about that as I was a happily married guy with lots of kids. And it did feel good for someone to find you attractive.

You learn by doing. Just start in talking to someone who catches your eye and enjoy yourself.

Good job on the flirting... I want to be better at this kind of flirting... and other more risque flirting, that would be fun. lol

It never hurts to make someone feel good about themselves and attractive.

That's sweet of you, a nice comment can really boost confidence as long as it is sincere. :) I like to flirt as well at times though I almost always hold myself back.