She Was Half My Age

I sat on the grass watching the kids ball game.  She was sitting pretty much in front of me.  From behind, i could only see that she was blond wearing some very short cut off type shorts and a red plaid top.  She turned my way and I first noticed the curve of her perky breast.  She might have noticed me looking and I looked up into her face and found her quite young, maybe mid twenties.  She even had some acne on her face which was not unpleasant by any means.  She smiled and went back to watching the game. 

I did not notice at first, but she layed down in the grass as if she was bored with the game.  Her blouse was somewhat low cut but the fabric lay down on her skin.  It was the shorts that i noticed. They were low cut and when she lay down, all that I could see was milky white skin on her belly that went down into a sort of cave made out from the shorts that still sat up on her hip bones.  If I could have had a flashlight of sorts, I could have seen just about anything that I wanted to and believe me, I wanted to.  I watched as that flat belly raised and lowered teasing me with every lowering to try and see more.  The game was off and the tease was on.  She began to slowly run her fingers over her milky white belly as if she was insuring that there was where my eyes were to be.

The game finished and she flipped over and got up right in front of me slowly.  Now the top that was laying on the skin was draped down as if it were framing the view that I was seeing.  The fabric on the top hung down to where I could make out the edge of her nipples.  Now she really had this old man's attention.

She looked up as she slowly rose and our eyes met.  I had to acknowledge so I winked and smiled.  She smiled back, then turned and pulled her hiked up shorts over her butt cheeks and slowly walked or flowed down to the dug out to pick up her son.  I watched her pretty much all of the way there.

I know that she got a kick out of the tease and I surely did.  It is just to bad that her kid is on the other team.  I need to check the schedule to see if they play again.

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Age should not be a bar in Love and Sex

Read your story--good for you--read the responses--and Windylindy had me laugh out loud--but in reality--you had a good time. Doesn't hurt to look.

why feel guilty that kind of stuff is what makes us feel alive that rush of adrenaline~!!

Humans love adventure as part of lifes' experiences...and flirting is one of those adventures that is enjoyable and is a personal thing..... to me its all fun and delightful no matter what age...and who gives a rats what others may think one way of the other.... unless of course its your girlfriend, boyfriend wife or Be happy...

Some people take that in a differant way, whether it is man or woman and then there's trouble.<br />
Now having said that, I love to flirt with the woman, but I guess at my age they know they are safe.<br />
<br />
Have a good flirting day, ya all,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There is a side of me here that feels guilt. After all, she was probably younger than most of my children...But then the other side of me that lights me up. To think that someone that young would flirt or tease someone my age.<br />
<br />
Was I wrong in looking?