Ep Has Some Very Flirtacious Women

And I would love to meet them all.

Maybe not meet them all, but sure as hell would love to know who they are. :)

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11 Responses Mar 7, 2010

don't we all all.

I certainly know now that there are four very beautfiul flirts here. :)

Flirts? ON EP?????<br />
<br />
Surely, you jest, big guy.... wink wink

I didn't know there were any flirts on EP. Wow, i am missing out.

Well, I know you could NOT be talking about me - I am so demure and soft spoken.....

you do the princess story? the princess of my harem?

did someone mention harem??? hehehe!!!! ;-)

O bella, we know they will be. they were all up late last night. lol

They will be here soon...I'm sure ;)

where's the harem? lol the sultan has left the tent. :)

Bet that wouldn't be hard for a man with his own harem ....lol ;)