Is Flo Pregnant?

I don't really have any story about Flo but I wonder if anyone else has noticed the apron? It really begs the question... are they trying to conceal the fact that Flo may be pregnant? Does anyone have an answer to this question?
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She mentions in this article (really great btw!) that she got married st 35, started Flo at 38 in 2007, and at 40 had a little boy--who's now in preschool. :)

Just saw and ad. Flo was on couch in a white bathrobe. Sure looks pregant to me.

I said the same thing...and the commercial where she on the couch wearing a robe its tied under her breast hence not directly over her belly

Seeing her standing near the snarky man in the 1950's style apron, she certainly LOOKS preggers. Compared to her other images she's surely 'fuller' looking. I actually changed to Progressive, not because of Flo, but because they were substantially less expensive than my old company...

Latest commercials have her sitting or being thought of in flashbacks. Looks like she might be pregnant. Another thing for her to bundle if it's true.

I believe she is hiding her preg., if u notice earlier comm. she is alot thinner, we will just have to wait and see. I have not seen any new comm lately which leads me to believe she is on mat. lv.???

I've thought the same thing. If you look at her back she has the curve in it that pregnant women get.

I've thought the same thing. If you look at her back she has the curve in it that pregnant women get.

Notice the original post...June 1st 2009!!! I wish that Progressive would address the issue!!!

Looks like it to me

Notice the cartoon progressive box has been doing most of the commercials now and flo on the couch looks about 7 months pregnant. So they are hiding it for sure.

If not, then they must be building up the image for a new commercial in the future. But, I think she is, there is weight gain in the face also.

I was thinking the same thing, a little more hip from the back and the apron looks fuller in the front.

She's gotta be, I noticed it right away.

She's gotta be, I noticed it right away.

I noticed too! I think she is!

I hadn't noticed that but now I'll have to pay attention.

I noticed that too.....I really thing she is!

Well maybe that guy in the commerial who was day dreaming about Flo might have to do some explain about this Flo being pregnant thing.