Flo Vs Phoebe

She's quirky and sort of ditzy and I like her.  Her personality reminds me a lot of Phoebe.  By the way do you remember the song "Smelly Cat"?

Does anyone else see the similarities in their character? Come On'  I know you see it.

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

The personality may be exagerated a bit, but the type that would tap the tip of your nose and chirp "Hey, Mister!" does actually exist. I've met a couple. SO COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!

Flo cracks me up. "there is no discount for agreeing with me." LOL

@pumkin... why don't you join in and help sing it with me. LOL BTW I love your avatar.<br />
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@Iza.... I don't know much about progressive except they sure picked a fun person to do these commercial. Flo rocks!<br />
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@YOY *giggles* @ Cutie Patoootie....

she's a cutie patootie