How I Discovered The Best Band

i was shopping in HMV with my young daughter and i was looking at some dvds that i wanted to buy and she says "mommy listen to this". so i take the head phones from the listening station from her and its florence and the machine. i give it a good listen and i was like wow this is so amazing. and i went home and found their songs on you tube and i was like omg this is the most beautiful voice i have ever heard and its so full and vibrant and alive. she opens up your soul to feel her emotions while she sings. plus her energy in her videos are fabulous to watch.

so then i started to find the acoustic versions of her songs which i prefer because of the harp. my favorites are rabbit heart and cosmic love and drumming song. i listen to them over and over. they are hypnotic and melodical and i love them. they speak to me in a way that i rarely find in music.

i looked through all of her pics on this one site and she has this natural beauty and her eyes

hunneypie hunneypie
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Wow, that's nice... I discovered Florence when I was in a show festival in Sao Paolo. They were the 3rd band to perform, I've never heard of them before, but I enjoyed every single minute of music... Then I bought the CD and now, I'm a fan