While many would say that Florida has only two season's being summer and winter and on the outside it may seem that way; Florida has many different season's.

There's Strawberry season, in February there are strawberries every where from local farms, vendors set up shop along side of the road with their brightly colored berries. Then there's the Strawberry festival to celebrate the season.

Who can forget citrus season, when the citrus trees come in bloom and the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of citrus blossom's carried on the wind.

Of course no one can forget hurricane season; sometimes it passes by with barely any notice and other times when it leaves it's indelible mark with it's eerie beauty. Yes, even hurricanes have a strange natural beauty to them as frightening as they can be.

Blueberry season comes twice a year, wandering through rows and rows of plumb fat berries, tickling them off the bush and into a waiting bucket or mouth.

Fishing is year round in Florida, but there is Snook season, in the cooler month's Speckled Sea Trout are in abundance. In June it's Tarpon season the time of year when the Silver Kings make their way inshore and treat fisherman to their powerful runs and graceful leaps and aerobatics.

The beach is always in season, in the summer month's gracing us with it's cooling breezes. In the winter the strong westerly winds blowing in off the water welcoming a kite to grace the sky.

Of course there is also tourist season , when people (snowbirds) eager to escape their winter trappings flock to Florida for it's sunshine and warmth.

There is also Robin season, they come in huge flocks nesting for the winter. Feeding on the berries of Camphor trees, sometimes so many of them they seem to out number the leaves on the trees.

Then there is the rainy season, when everyday like clock work the clouds build in the late afternoon, unleashing their fury in a torrent of rain, flashes of blinding lightning streak through the preternatural darkness. Loud peals of thunder booming overhead sometimes so strong and powerful seemingly shaking the earth itself.

So yes, Florida does have many more seasons then just two.
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