My Donuts Won't Grow

Can anyone help? I am not sure if I am doing it right!
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11 Responses Feb 25, 2011

don't forget to add sprinkles after planting, lol

So funny I saw this now! I'm out today delivering 26 dozens of donuts! :O I'll send ya some over! Apparently Krispy Kreme Company has figured out the secret to growing these things! ;)

it takes some time for the seeds to show green shoots i believe. About 5-10 days. A damp environment will speed this up considerably :)

I hope you will share those boston creams Chiquita.

lol...he says it every once in awhile., but a girl can never hear it too much. = )

Do you have any Boston Cremes?

I am the least computer savvy human on the face of the earth....all I know is my hub always asks me, "Is it a jpeg?" <br />
<br />
My answer, "I dunno what that is, but maybe."

I'm seeing the picture Chron.<br />
<br />
Man, wouldn't that be sweet to have a donut garden. You could go out and pick a chocolat frosted off the vine like a ripe tomato, or a honey glazed. Maybe an occasional jelly filled.

Eat them instead, at least your belly will be growing might have to convert it to a jpg.

Are you keeping them hydrated? You do know to use milk, instead of water, right?