I Love My Plants!!!

Find myself talking to them sometimes too--haha....especially when they're growing well...ya know, little words of encouragement here and there, or like " u are looking so beautiful! Keep it up!"....yeah, yeah, i know that's weird...but that's me!!! Ha. i am who i am...

Anyone know any great gardening websites, forums???????? I've got a few i do not have the names for so i took pics and thought at the right site i could upload em' and find someone who knows the plants' names........Thanks all u plant lovers!!!! god bless!!
peacefulprincess peacefulprincess
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I am looking to start my plants up again. Have any to trade? I live near Charlotte NC. My mom use to do this and met some neat friends besides etting some pretty plants! Thanks :) Barbara

I understand you too. I talk to mine as well. When I clip off a bad leave or clip a top to restart a new offspring I talk to them both and explain this is going to make you feel better. I'm helping you propagate a new life.<br />
I do a lot of restarts. Stem cutting for friends and family. I touch them gently like petting a cat. <br />
Some even have names. Every time a loved one dies I plant something and tell them to watch over my home. I handle each one as if they are a life force of that person. <br />
AND do you know, the ones I don't name or talk to don't thrive as well. One that was my fathers favorite, that he made me swear I would NEVER get rid of, is Papa. But I have Daddy also planted next to Mom... Telling him they should grow together. This vine was from a funeral wreath I kept and swore I would plant him next to Mom once she's passed. Not to mention Lise, my Sister in Law who Loves the back yard. Her long 'hair'(palm fronds) brushes down to tap my shoulder as I pass by.<br />
I will go to her on occasion and wrap my arms around her and tell her, "I still miss you Lise."