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Roses Are My Favorite

   I love all flowers. My mother always had Roses, tulips, carnations, mum, Lillie's , and others I can't think of off hand. My favorite flower is the yellow rose. I don't know why I just love them. I think because the bright yellow is like the Sun , Bright and Warm. 
  The prettiest bouquet that I remember getting was Yellow Roses and white Carnations. That was from my husband at the time. I heard on TV yesterday that  getting Yellow flowers meant "Break - Up" Why didn't I know that then...LOL

mommatrish mommatrish 41-45, F 2 Responses Feb 15, 2008

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Awwww. I learn something new every day. I will have to remeber that.

Actually they often refer to friendship and caring. And if the yellow roses have red tips they refer to new love. The art of floriology has been around for some time. Sometimes flowers have multiple meanings. And how they are given can change the meaning. Given upside down reverses the meaning.