Flowers In Paris

I love flowers too. Last September i went to Paris and the gardens there are just gorgeous! There were flowers everywhere. I loved Luxembourg gardens and the Tuileries (i forget how to spell it) i also went to Giverny and saw Claude Monet's house and garden- stunning. I love to photograph flowers too. I have a photo of the water lilies in Monet's garden that I got blown up & it is framed on my wall. I also enjoy growing flowers- I have some rose bushes in my front garden- one lilac, one pink, one deep red, one peach, and two yellow. I also planted a lot of flowering shrubs in my front yard. I have a clematis that is in bloom right now, big white flowers with a blue hue to them.  The beauty and lovely scent of flowers gives me joy.
RebeccaRSR RebeccaRSR
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1 Response Jul 1, 2007

Europe is beautiful. You wrote a nice picture of the gardens. I got the chance to walk through the forests of eastern Germany as a soldier, I would have enjoyed it more as a civilian.