sometimes i pick wild flowers when i'm walking, or those fallen flowers, or leafs.. huh really weird feel like one of those stuffs girls do in disney movies (at least i'm not singing! lol)

my favorite? mmm... sunflowers! roses! jasmines! oh and this local flower from my country which blooms and smells really good when the night comes, not sure what it's called in english~ <3 love love love kyaaaa X3
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I was raised around my mother and grandmothers flowers and loved them so I decided to do a wildflower project for fifth grade science fair. I collected over 75 specimens. Cataloged with where and when they were collected, scientific and common names and genus. My grandmother helped me as wildflowers were her favorite. We bound them in a book and I got an A on the project. I gave the book to my grandmother. When she passed 20 years later I found that book on her night stand. She had kept it close everyday.My favorite is the Bluebonnet from Texas. They are illegal to pick in the wild but my grandmother grew them in her garden. I had to get a note from her stating they weren't illegally picked before my teacher accepted the project.

I'm glad you like. The highway department plants them on the side of the roads. There are areas where they cover 200-300 acres during the spring. Breathtaking.

flowers forr u lady

u r welcome miss. what do u prefer?

10 are good enough ;)

u are a beautiful red rose ;)