Loving Fm Static

When I heard Tonight over the radio, I instantly fell in love with FM Static (the band). They write good songs and the melodies are really catchy. I think that their lyrics are pretty good and the messages of their songs are really in tune with today's generation especially that almost everyone is going through the emo phase.

Well out of all their songs I really like Tonight and Nice Piece of Art the most. Most people think that Tonight is a love song but I think that they are referring to their spiritual experience with God in the song and also with Nice Piece of Art.

I think that it's nice that a band can relate to today's youth and at the same time sing about their spiritual connection with God. :)

madisonlane21 madisonlane21
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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

I usually find AM static more interesting, with the high wavering sound waves and patterns that are audible between stations on the dial. I have often believed thatt Nash may have been correct, and that secret messages may be revealed in these noises. I also sometimes look for secret images in UHF "snow" on channels that have no local affiliate. Discarnate entities may be able to use the energy available in white noise to communicate, bbut I wsuspect it may be Secret government messages or Spaced out communication between flyning saucers.<br />
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(I never correct misspellings in these posts, in the opes of finding subliminal messages)