Almost like waiting for Sherlock Holmes to come out from the misty air.
The only thing lacking is the fog horn and it would be perfect.


I love the fog.

I love how...

it blankets your surroundings to a total damp air;

moistening your mind with surreal thoughts.

I love how...

it envelops your milieu to a hazy vision;

creating a veiled spectre, haunting and dreamy.

I love how...

it clouds heaven's surface to an obscured image;

stirring up a mystery, puzzling and curious

I love the fog.

I feel its blindness.

I feel hidden.

I feel unexposed.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
20 Responses Feb 21, 2010

That is just incredibly moving, SleepyMom. Thank you for this wonderful comment. :)<br />
<br />
If you had a grandma...it was my grandpa who understood me the most for loving foggy days. Since he wakes up early every single day, he's the one who nudges me when we have a foggy morning so I can play. :)

My Irish grandmother was the only one of my family who understood why I loves foggy days. I was too young to express myself fully; I remember saying I<br />
was more solid and my voice was more clear and I could hear long whispers and see things in the fog. I remember my mother being very dismissive and almost worried of my opinion. "Not me! Give me the bright sunshine. Foggy days & rain is depressing, Valarie! Why do you have to be so different?!". My brother and sisters echoed and magnified as most sycophants will. But Gramma<br />
Jo understood. She told them that they had no subtlety and no ability to appreciate potential and mystery. Gramma Jo called days of misty rain and fog "soft days" -- that's how I think of them still.

Thank you, JJTM. :)<br />
As fascinating as the fog may be...we certainly don't want you riding the bike through the haze. ;)

Beautifully described I was just thinking that it wasn't blue enough just this morning and how I wished someone I knew could clear it up a little better before I rode my bike outside today

Heart...that is a lovely comment, thank you. I did this, too in my younger years...played hide and seek under that fog blanket...and it seldom happened where I grew up so I get excited when it becomes foggy...even if it means waking up very early in the morning! :)<br />
<br />
Szuchia...so true...fresh and dewy all over. Love the droplets that stay on the leaves until the sun takes them away. Thank you. :)

Why thank you, Bells...*hugs* I have always loved the fog. Whether it scares me or brings out the curiosity in me or as you put it, sees it as romantic, it just gives me that thrill, an intense sensation because you can't really see beyond. And I wonder what could be out there...such an amazing feeling..........or an overactive imagination! ;)

Sylph....I love how you describe the fog...Makes it sound so mysterious and romantic..<br />
<br />
Never really thought of it much..Til now<br />
<br />

Lovely writing, Sylph!! I love fog because everything seem so fresh in a fog...:)

I love the fog as well.Ecspecially in the late spring or early summer,after a night of thunderstorms,fog always blankets the fields that surround My house.Its so majestic. I grab a cup of coffee and sit under the canopy,watching the fog slowly move across the ground.I remember a time in My life when I loved to play in the fog with My cousin.Hide and go seek is soooo much more fun when Your surrounded by super-thick fog.But then again,if You get turned around,its hard to find base or You run into things.lol.I would enjoy spending some "Quality" time with My husband under a blanket of fog...How cool would that be.Ok,sorry if that was TMI. Oh and Your story is beautiful.

Thanks, Amber, Dex...wonder how I should call you?<br />
I like shrouded...gives it that mystery...hmmm...

A wonderful evocation of those cloud-shrouded times, Sylph! Beautiful words.

That's just the tease the fog gives us...carry us away...but if it were real, I would love that very much. Thanks Lauren. :)

So beautifully put, Sylph! I always loved the fog when I lived in San Francisco. Well, I loved it, and feared it a little. The fog would sometimes move quickly inland and, at times, appeared as if it would envelop you and carry you away! But, if I could get high enough above the city, it was a breathtaking sight.

Yes it is, J...love that word...enigma...one of my favorite words again... Hey, you actually commented on yet another of my stories..........thanks, J! :)

That`s nice, Delta...peeping on a couple who's kissing...LOL! and thank you...<br />
<br />
I think we really need to see Guilin, Roj. The pictures are breathtaking. Must be a magical place. Must jot this down in my list. Thanks for the idea, Roj...<br />
<br />
Love that, Laurie...ethereal...one of my favorite words...thank you. And I love to have curly hair. Lilly and I were just discussing this on her story...but the fog doesn't do that to my hair. Maybe I should stay out longer when it`s foggy...hmmm...<br />
<br />
Spider webs...good one, WG, thanks! It looks simply as one of nature`s best. Though we don't have spiders right now...they`re still hiding...<br />
<br />
Ooohhh...the mystery it gives sends me goosebumps. You can come up with so many stories about it...just letting your imagination wander...thanks, Lilly.<br />
<br />
Awww...thanks, Jimmy. I shall be careful then...haha! But what in heavens are you planning? Surprise attacks and escapes??? LOL<br />
<br />
Thank you, folks! :) You make my heart smile with your sweet comments all the time. *BIG group hug*

Nice. I like how it provides cover for surprise attacks. And surprise escapes. And special effects at a rock concert. <br />
<br />
The poet in you is really coming out lately, Sylph. I mean you've always been a great writer, you are going to get a reputation as one of the really great ones if you aren't careful.

:) For spiders, it's the complete opposite. I love how tiny, tiny droplets of water form on spider threads to expose their magically spun webs on wire fences, in the trees, down low on the grass. So perfect, so beautiful, so still on the winter's morning.

More advertising for Guilin. Are you sure they're not paying you, Deltagirl???

LOL, Sweetie. It's always like that. We find something we like to take a photo of, and we don't have that damn camera..........but luckily, I can now use my phone.<br />
<br />
And yes, the beauty of the fog is its mystery...and its mystery is its beauty. :)

Yes, lighthouse with the fog horn...almost wistful. :)