Ani!! ^_^

 Ani freakin Difranco!! Gosh, where do I start. Every heartbreak, every heartache and every failed moment ( which occurs quite a lot) Ani's always there to heal the soul. I know it sounds cliche but the connection she shares with the audience is electrifying. Some say she's way too self-righteous, I say maybe so. But whats wrong with a D.I.Y attitude?  I guess she's the reason I started to accept various genres of music. Besides, who cannot be turned on after looking at her "Dilate" album. Well, she's defiantly captivated my soul I hope she gets to ya too :P
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i like music too, but i don't know much about it. i just like to listen to, to sing. Because music can make me happy and peaseful.<br />
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your right about what you saying, sometimes when we are broken we didnt think what we done if is wrong or right or just drop out our feeling to pretend that never happen again. sometimes our feelings is the number enemy. when i am broken i use to find god i like to hear the music from god after a while my heart is refresh again.