tuesday 6 september 2011

it's almost all in the past now, but for the eight years it lasted it was enriching. the list of folk performers I admire and who were part of my life is very long. naming just a few:  anne hills, joan baez, old blind dogs, stan rogers, bill jones, bob dylan, judy collins, eliza gilkyson, dave carter.

folk music was a thing that was big in my teens and twenties, so naturally that was my first prolonged exposure to it. but after the seventies I didn't listen to it much anymore. the great return for me was in 2000, and for eight years I stuffed myself with it on saturday nights, recording my favorites from the radio onto tape. I didn't have much money for buying music. still don't. once in a while I can manage it, but that's not enough. I loved the folk music and had to have it, even more than I had the first time around when I was so young.
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I remember all that music from the sixties too and enjoyed it. My music collection is long gone, but today I like other folk music as well, Irish, Scottish, Native American, and a few other countries as well.

who are your favorites?

I love folk music too, and actually still have quite a few records I listen too. When I was a kid, they had a park near me that they would have outdoor concerts at in the summer. I can still remember seeing the Collins family play, Judy was maybe in her teens then, before she went solo. Have always loved Bob Dylan. I have some friends herein my city that are folk singers and I go watch them play at coffee shops and taverns. Have you ever heard of a music website called reverbnation? Its really can sign up for free and then choose where you live, what kind of music you like the most, and it will show you all the bands and performers in your area, and then you can listen to their music online. A good way to see if you like them enough to go watch them play somewhere, and a good way just to be able to listen to new original tunes.