Why Bother?

My job is basically a sit down desk job. It's not exactly exciting either. So I usually do as much eating as anything else. I sit at my desk near the other girl who sits near me and is always eating and I snack all day long while sitting on my butt. Now I have also gotten in the habbit of going and having a big dinner with her after work. No time to care about working out and it's too difficult anyway. Plus the food is tastey.
ChubbyCasie ChubbyCasie
18-21, F
7 Responses May 11, 2012

Office jobs are awesome for fattening up the ladies. Love it!

Hell, office jobs turn everyone into blimps!

Still working at your same job?

Mmm I used to do this at work too

Now, you have a fun foodie friend! Eat up!

Sounds like you two are enjoying the perks of your job?

wish i worked there too!

Sounds like a fun job if all you do is eat all day.

I agree!