Peanut Butter And Jelly Pie

Being i own my own deli business , i thought i would share this pie recipe with you all as i tried it for the first time today , and made six pies , here in Pennsylvania , i sold the pies by the slice for $3.50 and all six were gone in 30 minutes ~ hope you enjoy it ..............

Ingredients 1/3 cup greape jelly
1 ( 6`0z.) prepared graham cracker pie crust
1 (4~ serving size) NOT instant package vanilla cook and serve pudding mix
1 3/4 cups low fat milk
1 cup peanut butter ( i grind my own ) but any creamy type will do (divided )

whisk together pudding mix and milk in medium microwave safe bowl , microwave on high 5 minutes or until pudding comes to a boil, stirring every two minutes . add 3/4 cup peanut butter ( reserving other 1/4 cup ) whisking until well blended . pour into pie crust . cover and chill 2 hours '

Stir grape jelly in a small bowl. spoon, along inside edge of crust, creating a 1 inch wide border.

place remaining 1/4 cup peanut butter in a small resealable plastic bag . Microwave on high 10 seconds to warm .
kneed peanut butter. cut a very small hole in bottom corner of plastic bag. Drizzle peanut butter across pie . chill until serving !

Good Luck !  
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5 Responses Apr 24, 2012

might even add some thin banana slices and chocolate drizzle if I'm feelin feisty

sounds fabulous ! good luck!

Sounds excellent but i couldnt eat it tho.

thanks ! so sorry !

oooh! I'm gonna make this this weekend! but I think I'll use sugar free strawberry jam :)

thanks and Good luck ! sugar free should work well !

This sounds delicious Peter! & very kid friendly :)

Thanks for reading , thanks for your comment , and it's great for kids !

first~ thanks for reading and posting your comment , i guess it should taste great as creativity is a big part of recipes ! thanks again !