White Choclate Chips

so today i got really bored and i saw this little bowl of white chocolate chips so i went to my room and put on my tightest pair of underwear and dumped that whole bowl down my pants.. no i sat down for a min so they would all melt together and not fall out... so then i thought this isnt exciting enough so i grabbed a whole bag of them and pored all of them down there. again sitting down so they would melt together.. then i had to go to the store.. now this was my first time out im public with food in my pants.. so i was a little nervous but not to bad. now i am sitting here and it is so melted it is runny and its like half its size... the underwear is soaked and it soaked through my pants so i put on another pair of undies.. i absoutly love the feeling of melted chocolate in my pants..so i have decided that when i move out of my parents house im going to buy the biggest bag of chocolate chips i can find.. and put it all in my pants:)  
feelingfull feelingfull
18-21, M
Dec 13, 2012