Which Is One of Many Reasons....

Why I'm the size I am. Heehee!! I turned to food when I was teenager because it never judged me. It didn't care what I weighted or how shy I was.... In fact, it helped me get bigger. LOL Now that I'm a little pissed at it for. I mean a real friend wouldn't have let me put 100lbs on in less then 3 years. Oh well, I guess I'll forgive it. LMAO!

I lost a lot of weight when I gave up food & took up smoking. Not my smartest decision..........I quit smoking....YEP, gained weight again. Not as much this time (Thank GODDESS). Heehee!!

I still don't like my pictures....but if I don't like it, well, I don't look. Mahahahaha! My soul is beautiful, & I'm starting to realize that is all that MATTERS! At least to the right people.....

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Mar 8, 2009