I Love Food!!!!!

I've got to say, Im probably the luckiest person on earth, because I love food yet I never gain weight. Which means I can eat anything I want in large quantities and stay pretty much the same weight. It might be that the fact that I dont gain weight led me to really enjoy food. But I cannot stand fast food or anything processed. I love wholesome, good quality food. Vegetables that have vibrant colors, and fruits that dont taste watery but explode in your mouth with flavors.
I traveled alot in the past, and got to taste some amazing stuff, including fruits Ive never been able to taste again the same way in North America. Its so unfortunate that many fruits here (like strawberries especially) dont taste very good when bought in supermarkets.
I love cooking as well. Cooking brings people together, and I love seeing others enjoy my food. One of my fondest memories from childhood was the way my grandmother used to cook during our family celebrations. She used to make cakes from scratch that were to DIE FOR. She used to create her own recipes. I especially remember waking up at her place and hearing something sizzling in the kitchen... she was making another delicious breakfast. I also remember buying bread at a local bakery first thing in the morning, how it used to be so hot and fresh straight out of the oven, and the crust would crack beautifully.
Yesterday I bought some blue cheese and just tasting it on top of some crackers with red wine.... OMG I was melting with every bite. The strong flavors enveloping your mouth, and how they confuse you for a second... its a sensual discovery of new tastes that are different each time. I seriously feel like tasting food is heavenly.
Will be having asian stir fry for tonight. This weekend Im planning to make home made grilled burgers made from extra lean ground beef, with herbs and spices and ofcourse....sprinkled with blue cheese. Imagine the marriage of tastes....And beer :D burgers always go well with beer!
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I am frying turkey legs today I doctor my food like your grandmother and love to also cook

But I never gain weight but sometime when cook a lot I do not feel like eating it. You obviously like both

All the best Bio