A Leading Platform For On-line Ordering

With the rapid development of E-marketing, a variety of gourmet websites have popped up, and the dining experience posted on the website has become the most effective advertising. More and more people tend to browse websites and look through online comments before they choose to go to a restaurant or directly order online.

Recently, online ordering has been gaining increasing popularity around the world, especially for the restaurants that feature takeouts. According to a survey, Chinese cuisine and pizza are two of the most-ordered dishes in America, and 60% of pizza restaurants have their online menus. Most of Chinese restaurants rely on the takeout sales which accounts for 20% of the total revenue, however, only 6% of Chinese restaurants have provided the web service for online ordering.

Now, it is high time for Chinese restaurants to keep up with this trendy fashion., the biggest food-ordering platform in oversea Chinese restaurant industry, has come into being. It provides online ordering service, supplies trade as well as management, and latest industry news for oversea Chinese restaurants. Making advantage of the online ordering will help you a step ahead your competitors.

All the menus are customized, and constantly updated with the latest offers, and restaurant news. Customers could have a clear mind of what is going on in your restaurant, and pick up their favorite when they have to order online.

Convenience is the key for both customers and restaurants. The website facilitates the customers to order online, print online, and also review the restaurant. For restaurants, it proves an effective way to get the customers’ contact information for one-to-one promotion and exact client relationship management in the future.

Although customers’ reviews are not always encouraging, the restaurant owners could learn from the feedbacks, and adjust their dishes, management or marketing strategies accordingly. is not only for online ordering, it includes industry news, trade shows and management tips to help restaurants know the culinary world out of their kitchen, and provide guidance for a smooth and successful endeavor.
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Jul 10, 2012