What better way to connect with people than with food? Food has no boundaries, has no end. The possibilities are endless. I love food, and maybe that's why I am so big, but I dont care. I have a love for food, and I will eat it. Food is everything with people, we need it to survive, so why not enjoy it?

Im tired of hearing people say " i'm going to get fat from that burger", i dont care if i get fat, I want my baby-back ribs. If you dont want to get fat, dont eat those things.

I wish I could eat and eat and never get full, I love food. I have a dozen tacos from taco dell mar in my fridge right now, and im waiting to be hungry again so i can eat them. Food, god i love it. I take my girlfriend out for lunch, and we have a nice meal and we talk and laugh and eat. And its perfect I dont want to give it up. From weird family moments over the dinner table and we are all laughing to weddings and a potluck. You can never be sad around food.

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Food can do wonderful things. I agree.

Food is my favorite too, specialy breakfast & your story is awsom