Pizzaaaaaaaaaa! <3 <3 <3 my favorite toppings are mushrooms, sausage, olives and onions. What's your favorite topping? :)
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Oh and my meat choice is grilled chicken. 😋

I love mushrooms, olives & onions. It seems to be people either think mushrooms are really gross or they love them to pieces. There's no middle ground. I wonder why that is. Well it's nice to meet another mushroom lover. 😋

mushrooms , pine , sweet pepper , tomatoes , onions and roast chicken strips

Mushrooms to me dont have a taste, but I like onions, pepperoni, sausage and lots of extra sauce.


I just like mushrooms on top... spinach and all sorts if cheese are welcome too...

I like mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, and cheese. :-) OH, and garlic.

I'm very bizzare. I don't like pizza, sausages or ice cream. Or chips. But i love PASTAAAAAAAA!!!

wut. ? :o

I know, it's a crime against nature.

Jalapeno's but any spice pepper works.
What can I say I'm not a traditionalist.

Anything meaty, saucy and spicy

What she said minus spicy (plus hot)


You do understand that spice is what gives food it's hotness

Spice is not the only thing synonymous with heat. Chilies give the same effect without the diarrhea.

That's the difference between Mexican cuisine and Indian cuisine.

Chilli adds spice

:/ I can't anymore... Just look it up.

Are you suffering from any form of mental disability? Chilli is in Mexican and Indian cuisine. Chilli adds the heat (or spice) to foods.

You need to look it up

Spice is dried up herbs and what not, it is often mixed with other things like turmeric. Chilli, which can be dried and ADDED to form a spice is a natural growing thing WITHOUT any modification. Chewing a jalapeño and calling it spicy is incorrect unless your english is bad.

Spicy - fragment or flavored with spice. Last time I checked chillies aren't a spice. :) I could argue this but I'm not here to educate people.

Enjoy your day

I never said it was a spice, I said adding to food gives the food spice

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