I feel like cooking today. Any requests?
biggunsatx biggunsatx
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7 Responses May 25, 2015

chicken Parmesan please

We no hava today

Easy, ground meat and corn. Lol


Pasta salad maybe along with some French toast (cut into small squares)

I literally cringed

You realize cringe implies a negative connotation right?

Crushed potato chip cake?? Hmmm....

Whip cream on a sweaty body?? Hmmm

How is that a bad combo? Never tried potato chips with cake but who knows , might be good although I don't really like something soft with something crunchy.

I mean how is French toast and pasta salad a bad combo by the way

Oh my gosh , chocolate covered pretzels !!! Forgot about those. Never tried caramel and salt with chocolate . Or margaritas lol

My reaction to pasta salad is never implied. Now, French Toast made me smile

You said it made you cringe that's why.... But ok

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Burgers and brats today

Steak ! Med. rare

Cielito lindo, o quesadilla de pollo con guacamole y picante.

Cielito Lindo sounds perfect! Maybe I'll do both!!

anything but veggie shishkabob.

Must include meat

if you dont cook meat on your grill, you should have your grilling license revoked.

Is there any other way?