Better Than Almost Anything!

If you look at that wondeful picutre, you will see all the parts of the body that corespond to pressure points in the feet. I would rather have an hour long foot massage than a full body massage any day..EVER!!

It's my favorite thing! My Dad used to rub my feet when I was a kid and sometimes still will. My friend and I used to ly on her couch for hours and rub cream into each other's feet and put on fuzzy socks. We'd also go and get pedicures to pamper our tootsies!

The feet are amazing and often overlooked. Some people don't even like feet at all. If you are to stimulate those areas on your feet through accupressure you can heal the body and promote wellness. You may even experience tenderness in the area of your foot that coresponds to that pressure point for the body! So Rub those feet!!

You can even purchase socks that have special print on the sole of the foot, relating which pressure points to hit.

For me it is the most relaxing and sweet thing anyone can do for me. I'd rather have a good foot massage than mediocre sex! Maybe that's what I will enjoy in old age, when I have no use for sex any longer. That can be a very intimate thing for couples or a gentle way for friends to bond. Why not include them in your snuggle parties!?

I have rubbed the feet of my lovers and they all seem to enjoy it. Many have said that no one has ever rubbed their feet. They don't realize that they were tender in those pressure points but it felt so good to be rubbed. It can be a part of a sensual massage that most people would not include. I find that even giving them can turn me on, especially in the bath. I'll rub the feet with other parts of my body as well.

I encourage you to give a foot massage and you might just get one back!

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