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Yes I am a female and I absolutely LOVE football.  I am not one of those women that will sit there and ask her guy questions about the game either.  I know the game well and I love to go to the games.  I love College Football, the NFL, and I even like going to Friday night football games for the local high schools in my area. Most people on my circle know that I love the Colts and that Peyton Manning is my fantasy man both on the field and off.  What a lot of people don't realize is that fungirl also does several sports related blogs. One that is specifically for Colts fans, one for the females that want to learn more about football, and one targeted toward college fans.  Yes I do love football and I love watching it, writing about it, and cheering for my teams.   Just don't try to talk to me when my games are on because I have Satellite TV for a reason.  The first time you interrupt me I will shush you, the second you will get a glare, and every subsequent interruption will earn you a stiff fussing at.  Leave me alone when I am into my games and we will all be happy.

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Awesome. I'll be thinking of you when the Jaguars and Colts play on Thursday night in November!! Hope you get NFL Network where you live.

SO true lovely lisa.

ba<x>seball to watch... I play volleyball and softball and badminton. I love love love hockey too. I like a lot of sports but nothing compares to football.

What other sports do you like

Good for you

I suppose Sunday is an off limits day to call you. :~)

When it comes to sex, Im pretty sure you and her can work out what ever differences you guys have. lol

I doubt that Jessica Simpson and I have that much in common, so I do not think it will work out, so she will have to remain eye candy!

You take Tony and I'll take Jessica who rates four M's on your 5 point scale.

Now Tony Romo might be fine!!! I would give him 3 M's on the fungirl 5 point scale. LOL

I would have to agree with the current score as far as women partners go.<br />
I miss the Tony Romo- Jessica Simpson fling. Maybe a new one will pop during the season.<br />
The off the field games can be as interesting as the on the field plays.

Tom has Gisele Bundchen .... <br />
<br />
so the score is <br />
<br />
Brady - Eleventy Billion<br />
Peyton - 6

IT, I just don't see it. To me TB looks swo goofy and in interviews he is so stiff. He just doesn't have the sense of humor that Peyton does or the intelligence for that matter. Peyton is brilliant and sexy lol. mmmmm

well... Brady does have the hotter girl at the moment...

IT, are we going to have to have the Tom Brady talk again????? I really love you girl but you are going to have to get past this mental illness soon. LOL (JK we have to agree to disagree here because he sux!)

Of course you do... you love everything that has to do with the New England area.... :P

Good points nudeinva.<br />
<br />
I guess for me, I saw first hand (had front row seats in Texas endzone) what happened at the collegiate level when you had an immobile QB versus a mobile QB. <br />
<br />
I admit I am biased against Vince because my first semester at the University of Texas he brought us home a national championship and I can say I was at probably one of the best NCAA football championships in history. <br />
<br />
The speed of the game is totally different at the professional level... but I think with the right tools, Vince can be a great threat if they let him be himself. You have to play to a pla<x>yers strength. Right now he is not a thrower. I like what Warren Moon said... "give him (talking about Vince) about 5 years and he'll figure out that passing is alot less painful than running"

Just remember The Freak is back in Nashville, then you got vanden bosch and haynesworth on the other side peytons blockers will look like a whole love of pee wee football lineman can you say krogers sack for cash

OK fun, You seem to know your stuff. I'm going to follow you and your predictions. My brothers love Peyton Manning, and being Eagles fans that's saying a lot.i know you're going to kill me,but what city are the Colts?Weren't they Baltimore forever?I have to admit,I only started liking football in the last 8 years. I grew up with a father,and 5 brothers that took over the TV every time a game(Anything but golf)came on.We had one tv and I hated it. The irony is that when I had my 1st child, she came out watching every sport from her baby seat. She's an athlete that played D1 sports and received over $100.00 in scholarships. Anyway, when I gave it a chance I learned that I really like-maybe love it.I've become a true Eagles fan,if you know what that means. haha. So,if I have any questions I'll let you know. Thanks<br />

Silver01ta, you are right, they are boring, but the bottom line is the ring. Steve Young was mobile, but his greatest and best success was in the pocket. He had another weapon to use, but the success of any football team is execution. When you are ad-libbing, there is no execution. As fungirlmmm pointed out and you too, when the o-line collapses, so does the offense. Other sports can sustain the effort of a single pla<x>yer to carry them, but not football. You have 22 starters and many more role pla<x>yers. When the systems fails or when the team fails to execute the system, they lose. Sometimes, both teams will execute their respective systems excellently and this is where coaching genius comes in to tweak the system to win the battle. Joe Gibbs was an expert at this in his first tenure at the Redskins.<br />
In other sports, the winners are usually the ones who play the best defense. This was true this year as the Celtics beat the Lakers and it has been true as the Pistons had their run a few years ago. Kobe played well but was shut down (relatively speaking) by the Celtics and the rest of the team. And in each World Series, is the team that hit the most home runs and had the best team batting average the one that wins. Usually not, it is the team with the best pitching and defense to win the games.<br />
So mobile quarterbacks are exciting, but they have been around for awhile. You may remember Fran Tarkenton who was one the most prodigious passer/runners, no rings. Kordell Stewart (slasher) did not pan out. The McNairs, McNabbs and others who have the capability to run give their team an edge for those moments when the o-line fails. But their success comes from having plays the get executed correctly and the o-line protects them in the pocket. I like the action of the mobile QBs but I rather have the boring win than the exciting loss. I do not see a change in this in the near or long term future of the game. We will see.

See VA love Peyton and any commercial he is in I support the product normally. I love the Oreo commercials with Eli... I love his Gotorade Rain commercials and although I HATE Gatorade I purchased a case for my nephew. I get into Peyton and he can get into me any day lol

No doubt nudeinva, no doubt.<br />
<br />
Pocket passers win the game. But I equate pocket passers to an old school style of play. One that is effective, but boring. <br />
<br />
You have Peyton, Tom, Joe, Bret, Dan, and Troy (i could go on and on and on). Some of the NFL's most successful QBs with rings to back it up. Pocket passers true and true. But boring to watch. These guys are throwers who couldnt run to save their life. They DEPEND on the o-line more than any other QBs out there. Look at what happened to Brady in the previous superbowl. The O-line couldnt help him and the Patriot offense stalled.<br />
<br />
Then you have the new bred of QB. The runner who throws. This started with Young.... Steve Young. A good QB but a scrambler. You have Michael Vick who didnt pan out. Cunningham who was awesome at one time. And others. Vince Young is the current guy. Unfortunately the down side to a guy like this is you almost DARE him to throw the ball because you know he isnt accurate and you can put more men in the box. But if you blitz and someone misses.... there is no middle defense to stop him. You always have to spy Vince Young and runners who throw. Very exciting to watch... but usually their youth and inexperience is their downfall. <br />
<br />
Then you have the true hybrid. McNair, Moon, Donovan McNabb. These guys were throwers would could run. On a healthy knee McNabb is dangerous on the ground and in the air. With the exception of McNair these teams usually lack on Defense. But if you could get a guy with half of Vince Youngs mobility and half of Mannings accuracy... that right there is a dangerous QB. I think 90% of Mannings ability to win is NOT in his physical talent, but in his mental talent. That guy can read defenses like no other... and his play calling is almost perfect everytime.

You are the mirror of my nephew who is a New Englander and hates the Mannings (both Peyton and Eli). He especially dislikes Peyton because during football season, every commercial has Peyton in it so he he sees him constantly. This is funny to watch from the sidelines. As I mentioned, I am not that involved because my team refuses to play football. Good luck in your fantasy football this upcoming season. Training camps start in about a month.

UGH I cannot stand Tom Brady and I would choose any QB in the league for my fantasy team before I would choose him. I would decline him every time. I find him pretentious, cocky, arrogant with a semi talent for football. Of course that is Peyton's arch enemy so I am going to talk him down every time I get a chance.

I am a Washington Redskin fan, but they have no been worth watching for quite a few years now (including the return of Joe Gibbs). So I have been watching the best football around and each year the Colts are in that mix. They start so strong and amass a great record and crumple in the end until finally the captured the Lombardi trophy. <br />
The best rivalry for the last few seasons has been the Patriots-Colts. I am sure that it will be wild this coming season and Peyton has been the best QB overall. Tom Brady is also very good, but I would take Peyton over Tom if I had to choose who to lead my team.

Ummm it depends on what sport we are playing at that moment VA. Peyton has some great pelvic movements. Believe me I keep my eyes on him throughout the game. He is really a great distraction to the game for me. It is a good thing I don't have ADD bc quite honestly I would just watch him the whole time if I did.

Yeah, but he is stiff in his hips (where he should be limber) and in his torso. I think you are looking for a different kind of rigidity.

Silver dayum such a hater today, LOL I know you are right and I have a friend that I bet with that he will get to Peyton every time they play them and so far he hasn't gotten to him but you are right when he hits the turf he does it hard. I have seen games where his nickname should have been toast bc the offensive line just wasn't playing up to par an he was getting burnt right and left. I don't deny he has his days but overall he is awesome. If he would spend 6 months with me I would limber him up. He is stiff but in some scenarios that would work for me. MMMM (only 4 m's)

The history of the NFL has always favored stay in the pocket quarterbacks against slashers or mobile quarterbacks. The mobile types get more highlights and create more wonder, but the winning teams have a QB who stays at home.<br />
Even as we have entered an era of new more athletic QB's. the wining teams have more stay at home QB as opposed to runners. There may be moments of success for mobile QBs but the stay at home have undoubtedly executed better (due to team play, not necessarily individual effort) and therefore succeeded more often.

Oh hands down Payton is the man. He runs the offense of that team. I respect Payton... but man... that guy is the most immobile QB i have ever seen. And he doesnt have to be mobile though. When Payton goes down... he goes down hard. <br />
<br />
VY may not have the passing ability Payton has... but he runs over people and even more so, he makes them miss alot.

Very good my friend and of course I was referring to the game against the Colts and I was there. You know I go to a lot of Colts games. I would like to point out that a mile is equivalent to approximately 1,760 yards so therefore the Colts would have been playing on a different field when this happened. LOL so it is not possible that they missed him by a mile. BTW Peyton played his College Ball at another little school known as UT and that was my first taste of Peyton. I fell in love with that man because he is hot on and off the field. He is a very intelligent QB and he runs the show. I have to give you that VY is a good QB but IMHO he will NEVER be Peyton for me.

10/18/06 against your Colts for his first Rushing TD (and they missed him by a mile) :)<br />
<br />
09/17/06 against Chargers for his first Passing TD

Running TD or Throwing TD?

Wow you need to read my post on dreams that I just sent to Chloe because you are certainly dreaming there. I actually did an entry on my Blog about VY when the Colts came to town to play them (shut up about the final score cause that sucked and you have the pix of my face to prove how much I thought that sucked.) but do you know why he is always number 10? It is honor of his mom's birthday which is either June or Junly 10th. I can't remember which. His high School nickname was "Fatman" bc he was so little and he played his HS ball in Houston although I can't remember the name ofthe school right now. I can go back and look at my blog and tell you though. I have a lot of freaking trivial information about the Colts and their competition and sometimes it just starts coming out. Question for you... In what game did VY score his first NFL career touchdown???? A real fan should know this and I do and you will laugh when you figure out the answer. If others know the answer to this please give Silver the chance to answer before jumping in with the answer.....

He didnt just "play" at Texas. He destroyed the field when he was at Texas. <br />
<br />
I really think this year will be his break out year. If they let him be himself he will tear up the field.

Are you referring to Vince Young??? HMMM do you think he even deserves to be mentioned on the same page as Peyton Manning??? I have been scoping some of the data from last year for my Fantasy Play... I start early so I know what I am going to do. You know I came in 5th overall last yr in FBALL POLL. So yes it is on... Maybe we can hit one of the games. The Colts are close to you on 10/5 when they play the Texans.... I think they play the Titans though on either 10/27 or 10/25 then again definitely on 12/28 because I will be at that game. You are only into VY because he played at Texas right?

Its on girlfriend!!<br />
<br />
VY will destroy all!!