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Yes I am a female and I absolutely LOVE football.  I am not one of those women that will sit there and ask her guy questions about the game either.  I know the game well and I love to go to the games.  I love College Football, the NFL, and I even like going to Friday night football games for the local high schools in my area. Most people on my circle know that I love the Colts and that Peyton Manning is my fantasy man both on the field and off.  What a lot of people don't realize is that fungirl also does several sports related blogs. One that is specifically for Colts fans, one for the females that want to learn more about football, and one targeted toward college fans.  Yes I do love football and I love watching it, writing about it, and cheering for my teams.   Just don't try to talk to me when my games are on because I have Satellite TV for a reason.  The first time you interrupt me I will shush you, the second you will get a glare, and every subsequent interruption will earn you a stiff fussing at.  Leave me alone when I am into my games and we will all be happy.

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Very good my friend and of course I was referring to the game against the Colts and I was there. You know I go to a lot of Colts games. I would like to point out that a mile is equivalent to approximately 1,760 yards so therefore the Colts would have been playing on a different field when this happened. LOL so it is not possible that they missed him by a mile. BTW Peyton played his College Ball at another little school known as UT and that was my first taste of Peyton. I fell in love with that man because he is hot on and off the field. He is a very intelligent QB and he runs the show. I have to give you that VY is a good QB but IMHO he will NEVER be Peyton for me.

10/18/06 against your Colts for his first Rushing TD (and they missed him by a mile) :)<br />
<br />
09/17/06 against Chargers for his first Passing TD

Running TD or Throwing TD?

Wow you need to read my post on dreams that I just sent to Chloe because you are certainly dreaming there. I actually did an entry on my Blog about VY when the Colts came to town to play them (shut up about the final score cause that sucked and you have the pix of my face to prove how much I thought that sucked.) but do you know why he is always number 10? It is honor of his mom's birthday which is either June or Junly 10th. I can't remember which. His high School nickname was "Fatman" bc he was so little and he played his HS ball in Houston although I can't remember the name ofthe school right now. I can go back and look at my blog and tell you though. I have a lot of freaking trivial information about the Colts and their competition and sometimes it just starts coming out. Question for you... In what game did VY score his first NFL career touchdown???? A real fan should know this and I do and you will laugh when you figure out the answer. If others know the answer to this please give Silver the chance to answer before jumping in with the answer.....

He didnt just "play" at Texas. He destroyed the field when he was at Texas. <br />
<br />
I really think this year will be his break out year. If they let him be himself he will tear up the field.

Are you referring to Vince Young??? HMMM do you think he even deserves to be mentioned on the same page as Peyton Manning??? I have been scoping some of the data from last year for my Fantasy Play... I start early so I know what I am going to do. You know I came in 5th overall last yr in FBALL POLL. So yes it is on... Maybe we can hit one of the games. The Colts are close to you on 10/5 when they play the Texans.... I think they play the Titans though on either 10/27 or 10/25 then again definitely on 12/28 because I will be at that game. You are only into VY because he played at Texas right?

Its on girlfriend!!<br />
<br />
VY will destroy all!!