Wife Wants to Know About the Game.

So, I have a ritual during  the football season.  Pretty much, my whole day is consumed with football, and this year is going to be worse because I am finally going to participate in a fantasy football league.  I include my wife in my day, most of the time.  Usually, she doesn't like to watch the game because I really get into it. 

So here is the problem.  She is always complaining that she doesn't understand the game.  I try to explain the game when there isn't a game on, but that is pretty damn hard to do.  Chalk talk, or a coach's board, doesn't really work either because she gets confused with all the damn X's and O's.  So, I try to explain during a game.  I see a good play, and I try to explain it to her.   She gets that look on her face like I do when she is talking about buying new furniture or curtains... glassy eyed and disinterested.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I would suggest that she GOOGLES it, but I know that wouldn't ever happen.  Should I just give it up and tell her that one side is trying to move the ball, and the other team is trying to stop them and not get into the specifics?

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6 Responses Jul 3, 2008

Some areas ( i think the browns do, and some colleges) have a camp for wife's. they take them on the field show them some basic plays and explain things to them. It is just for women, I wish I knew where to get you that info. If she is interested, I think she would enjoy it. Look at it this way..she is taking interest. My wife did, we would watch monday night games, and half time was fun time!!!

Yeah, but for your sake, I hope she's more of a tight end than a wide receiver!!

Just make her cough up the ball! Is that it?

Maybe you should just tackle her and go for some long yardage!!

Enjoy the chatter. If she really wants to know she will ask. Just like you are not going to swallow curtains and furniture, she is not going to gulp down football, no matter how well or nicely you couch it until she is ready. Let it go and enjoy the game. Also, just an idea, if you can Tivo or DVR the game then you can rewind and show her in slow motion if she really asks (but remember if she asks).

Well, if she's glassing over when you try to explain, she probably isn't really interested in learning. I know there are complexities to the game, but the basic rules are not so hard to follow. Just sit her down before the game starts, explain the basics, and then enjoy. She's just trying to make conversation with you!