Girls Love Football Too!

Hey all... Yes I love football, & when I say love I mean love... Dont bother me, don't ask me whats for dinner when a games on...lmfao :) I grew up with nothing but brothers, lol, I cheer loud & shout at the tv thinking the players can hear me, all the while drinking a beer :)
Nikita8687 Nikita8687
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That's great!! There's not much going well for my team to cheer about this season. But at least you will understand when I start yelling at the TV like a lunatic. Enjoy the games!!

Bears city!!!!

I <3 Football too!! But I love hockey more ;)

who is your fave team?

The Broncos :)

Nice Nikita!! I &lt;3 the Lions!! Rawr!!

thats hot cowboys 1-0

Cowgirls yup beat the giants... Im a Broncos fan, born &amp; raised my :)

me seahawk fan im singel wish i had gf that watch football with me

Yeah that's no fun.. Were out their you'll find one!

ty im in alaska can't walk or move my hands im taboo girls not like guy in wheelchair i love my football and beer

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