Love Football

I love watching football. I love to watch Highschool, College and NFL. I also love to play football with my friends for fun. I didn't play football for a sport cause I was skiny and I still am so I didn't play football as a sport in school. I love watching it. I love to play NCCA 14 and Madden. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan even though I know that they suck but they are my home team. I also love the Patriots because of Tom Brady and WR Rob G. I also like them since because they are consistent and go to the playoffs alot and go to the Super Bowl and either win or lose. I also like the Seattle Seahawks.
CoolKid77 CoolKid77
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Football is fine but I'm not really sports minded. I do however look the Olympics and x games.

Yeah I love the Olympics. I can't wait for Sochi.

that's cool Paul.

I listened to my high school game on the radio. It was a big rivalry game. They estimated the at over 10,000 . My school lost it was an exciting game.