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Enough Is Enough

Can we bring back the regular referees now? I know the replacements are doing the best they can, and the regular guys weren't perfect, but it's time to get the real guys back. This is a 9 billion dollar a year sport so they should be able to work out some deal. I know the league is used to getting its way, but it's time to settle. They're making the sport look silly; they are putting the players in danger. In the end, they can afford to pay their officials.
holloway64 holloway64 46-50, M 2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

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I can't quite decide if the replacements are that much worse than the "real" refs. But with the money the NFL makes, they could sure afford to pay for decent refs. Part of the problem though seems to be that the NFL wants full time refs and some kind of physical requirements to guarantee the refs can actually keep up with the game. That would cut out some of these refs who have full-time jobs, like at least one is a lawyer, and like getting their $100,000 per year for working one extra day per week.

I think the regular refs are more consistent and they know the rule book better. That'd to br expected because they have experience. Tell me any job where all new people can walk in and replace worker, and you won't have a drop off.

Half the time even with the "real" refs I couldn't figure out just how they made some of their decisions.

I probably don't know what I am talking about, but for me it gets back to the greed of the owners. What a bunch to let the season start and have all of the wrong calls, delays, etc. Isn't it their fat cow that they are letting slide.