I'm a die hard Dallas fan. But I'm rooting for Ravens to take out the 49ers. Anybody care to share their pick? So sad that football season is almost over. I could watch football all year round. Best sport ever.
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NO WAY! you're a Cowboy fan too? Cool :)

That I am =)!

I could have written that , i love the cowboys. Two brothers coaching different teams in super bowl. That's better than opposing quarterback brothers. Cheering for ravens. I don't want 49ers having more trophies than Dallas

We're in Dallas as well. You and my wife could go nuts watching football together while I don't. ;-) Actually that's not entirely true, I can watch it in the background while amusing myself on my laptop.
If she hadn't gotten me into watching the Mavs (which has been a weird season this year), I wouldn't watch any sports at all. Well maybe the CrossFit Games, but that's it.

Lol, tell her this Dallas fan says hi!