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I'm a die hard Dallas fan. But I'm rooting for Ravens to take out the 49ers. Anybody care to share their pick? So sad that football season is almost over. I could watch football all year round. Best sport ever.
VenomKissssss VenomKissssss 31-35, F 4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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NO WAY! you're a Cowboy fan too? Cool :)

That I am =)!

I could have written that , i love the cowboys. Two brothers coaching different teams in super bowl. That's better than opposing quarterback brothers. Cheering for ravens. I don't want 49ers having more trophies than Dallas

We're in Dallas as well. You and my wife could go nuts watching football together while I don't. ;-) Actually that's not entirely true, I can watch it in the background while amusing myself on my laptop.
If she hadn't gotten me into watching the Mavs (which has been a weird season this year), I wouldn't watch any sports at all. Well maybe the CrossFit Games, but that's it.

Lol, tell her this Dallas fan says hi!

Go Bears! Just kidding. Since living near the bay area and love Jim Harbaugh and Kaepernick, going for the 49ers!

Kaepernick does have skills, I'll give you that. Think it'll be a good game.

He is shockingly good, but I think it is getting to his head. However, I would take him over Alex Smith anyday

Ya, it does seem to be getting to him. Alex smith's not bad either.

Are you kidding me? He as blossomed under Harbaugh a little, but he is not worth what the niners are paying him.

Breathe dude, not dissing nobody lol. I think a lot of players don't get paid what they're worth. Or the respect they deserve.

Hehe, I was just giving you a hard time. Not a lot of Smith fans here. Especially since Colin stepped up to the plate

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