Like to Go to High School Games

I've always enjoyed going to high school football games. it's just such fun. No pressure (hah). Let me rephrase that, at least here there isn't a lot of commercial  pressure. And it really is the 'home team'.

So, when I can, I grab a sweater, and head to the local school to see 'em play. Unfortunately anymore you have to have ID and tickets and know someone on the team (and particulars like their name, age, grade etc). All in the name of security.

Needless to more fun part of life reduced to an excersise in stress management, or more often than not...just given up. :(

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4 Responses Sep 24, 2008

I love high school football as well. Coached multiple years as well. Love college and the pro game but there is something about the high school game that is special. The way communities cheer on their teams, the kids working together for a common goal through the years growing up (not recruited (generally) or drafted) and the lessons the boys learn through the years.

love high school games great fun

Ah. a lot of the private schools here are tight too. One of those crazy things. Sometimes it's not too bad, others times it's crazy. They do it with basketball too. <br />
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Enjoy your games! I do get to a few :D

:D. They'e a lot of fun when I can actually get past the dragons at the gate. I'm all for safety but...soemtimes it seems so counter productive.