Oh baby! High school football starts tonight! I'm excited to watch my friends play tonight and hopefully start this season off strong with a win! I love watching games on Friday nights under the lights!
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im missing my highschool days,. its the time when i got my fame for being a great player in soccer... hayyyy. sigh

is brit your name,?
but now im playing volleyball since i got injured during one of our competition.. sadly.

hahaha. i got slow. anyway, nice meeting a british like you bro..you know what, i admire left footed because their moves and kicks is not easy to read. thats why i always guard those leftfooted in our oponents to prevent them from goaling.

every athlete needs stamina, and your lucky for having it. im looking forward to play again soccer because right now, all i am playing is volleyball which makes me bored sometimes
soon, soccer will become as popular as basketball i think.

if it will, i will come back again to play
i think my injury now already healed.

I wasn't talking about soccer I was talking about American football

haha, we just find it fun to talk about soccer. anyway, they are both football

Yea but I know what you mean I miss the days when I played football, and soccer.

what is it?

What is what?

i mean, i did not get your point on your former statement

How you said you missed your high school days, I was just agreeing with you, I miss my high school days too back when I was one of the stars of my football team.

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