Football Frenzy

I guess you could say that I like football, okay not really-I LOVE football.  This wasn't always the case.  My mom hated football and my 3 older sisters, well lets just say that unless they were dating football players they could careless about it, me on the other hand I was too young to know any better.  My dad however LOVED football and during football season our living room was off limits to all ---only football lovers allowed.  Dad would be in his usual NFL stance -in his recliner in front of the TV with a beer in his hand and you could forget about talking to him or even asking a quick question because if you weren't bleeding, missing a limb or dying or if it wasn't about football then you were seriously  SOL.  My introduction to football happened quite by accident when he requested a snack and my mom asked me to bring it to him---(Oh come on, is this what we call a mother sacrificing her young----do I have to) and then on top of that she wanted me to ask him a question----REALLY----even at 10 years old I knew I was going into the lions den.  As I creeped in and handed him his snack I sat on the couch waiting for a commercial so I could ask him what my mom sent me in there to do or rather to die for.......imagine my shock and horror when he started talking about some player, what college this guy attended and that he was from our area!!!!!  (OMG he's speaking to me) I think that my mouth dropped to the floor and my eyes bugged out I must have been in shock because I just sat there for the whole entire game taking in everything he said every letter every word every sentence, and even though I had questions about what was going on I didn't make a peep plus I was happy to be alive.  To my amazement I was invited back the next Sunday and every Sunday after that for the entire season----I even got permission to miss church which didn't please my mother at all.  This was our time and more than that I really got into it which not only surprised my dad but surprised me too!  He taught me everything about football.  Funny we may not have been able to talk about alot of things but we could always talk about football. We were passionate about our players and our teams and every time we talked it always somehow ended up being about this or that game  our favorite players or teams, bad calls, injuries and coaches! Plain and simple we were lovers of FOOTBALL!  I however have taken it a step farther and I have my son to thank for that.  He started playing pee wee and has played all the way to college.  My husband and I have never missed a game and even though these weren't NFL games we found them just as entertaining and exciting.  My husband and I still attend high school games ( season ticket holders---and of course in Texas high school football is Legendary plus it's fun).  I am thankful for stepping into that lions den many years ago and although I don't own a recliner my husband and I we can be found Mondays and Sundays in front of our TV watching football (in HD of course)......I still bring the snacks, but there is a small difference I can pause the game-------thank goodness for my DVR!  And thanks dad for instilling in me the love of football.  Can I get a H*ll yeah!


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7 Responses Sep 11, 2009

True---:) I love this time of year!

Nothing better than Sunday/Monday Football! J.Gruden is doing a great job so far on MNF as well!

I have my fingers crossed!

So true. And hopefully he come back before the end of the year........

What can I say---GREAT-----it's football season! But I am bummed that Polamalu is hurt and out for a few games---you know how crazy I am about him :( I knew something was up when he was on the cover of Madden's NFL game-----damn that Madden curse!

Here we go Pittsburgh.. hehehe.. How are you doing ?

Sophie I too live in a small Texas town -----you can really tell when the season starts because almost everyone in town attends!!!!!!!!!!!! :)