What The H**l Is Going On?

I'm over in the UK and don't quite get all the rules..... which causes a lot more shouting and swearing at the TV than I can repeat on here..... d**n refs'

Love Sunday evenings, soccer finishes at 6 and then the US football starts on Sky.......... my only complaint is why doesn't the season last longer? what do the players do from Feb to August?

Who should I support in the Play offs this year?


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Why is the NFL season only as long as it is...in my opinion, the NFL pla<x>yers hit each other harder and block and tackle much harder than in rugby. I have watched Ausie Rugby, there is a lot of pushing and pulling especially in the scrump, but not actual hiting. Also in rugby, before the pla<x>yer with the ball is hit, he pitches the ball to teammate and does not take a hit. This is not true in NFL. When the rugby pla<x>yer can't pitch the ball or makes a forward run, he is usually tackled at the legs but doesn't take a severe hit. When playing NFL or American football, the ob<x>ject is to "hit" and intimedate the running back, receiver, or quarterback by inflicting the most pain with the tackle. As you notice the crowd will cheer louder for a "BIG" hit. <br />
The linemen also have "stunts" and blocking schemes that attemp to trick the defence and hit them without the defencive pla<x>yer seeing them. Thus blindsiding them. <br />
As a result, there are a lot of ankle and knee injuries in the NFL. With the forward pass, receivers are sometime forced to jump or layout to catch the ball and are exposed to bone shaking hits by defenders. It does take time to heal after a season and many surgeries are done in the off season and require time to heal and rehab in order for the pla<x>yer to be ready for the next season.<br />
The NFL season if extended would conflict with the NBA (Basketball) Basketball is also a big money maker and NBA owners want to have maximum attendence.

S**t on the Villa, S**t on the Villa tonight,<br />
S**t on the Villa, S**t on the Villa tonight,<br />
S**t on the Villa, S**t on the Villa tonight,<br />
Everybody s**t on the Villa, Cos they're a load of s***e!

Once and for all : there is the football,rugby and american rugby.I'll pretend I didn't see you use word soccer.<br />
MTUTD is for peasants.<br />
(my favorite english team is Villa)

Bethesda Ram Raiders!!!!<br />
Ruthin Rapsgaliwns??

I think the Bethesda Buccaneers could surprise a few people this year.

Argent, it's fair to say that football covers a multitude of codes, some entail far more use of the feet than others. To say one code has a 'right' to claim to be called 'football' to the exclusion of others is a sweeping statement. Please also consider rugby football, Aussie Rules and even US football are far more true to the medieval game that was played in Europe which was commonly known as football than association football, also known as soccer.<br />
<br />
(Man Utd fan!)

Im just going to add my sport in here. Its Rugby league, its not got the rook like rugby union but its more physically enduring i.e fitness as you are always running with not many breaks and there are pretty big pla<x>yers like eorl crabtree hes 6ft6 and 122kg and can deliver a massive like most forwards in rugby. Its like NFL because the defense has to retreat 10 meters it is in my view more like american football and my favourite sport :)

The pla<x>yers in rugby are just as big as the US footy guys....... and possibly overall not as fast. <br />
All pro athletes are fit but what is surprising about US football pla<x>yers is how fit they are. I'm not a Gealic footy or Aussie Rules fan but know it's a v physical sport

Sean,<br />
I agree, those sports are alsoo contact sports, and the seasons very long...<br />
I think that the difference with our football is due to the physical Size of the football pla<x>yers, annd the force behind the contact...My son, 6'2' 325lbs, played high school football, and was scouted, but suffered a severe shoulder injury, requiring shoulder surgery, and the pain and limited motion continues to plague him, and he is but 24. Your pla<x>yers are faster runners, and as i am unfamiliar with Gaelic footy, I don't think I see as much intent on the pla<x>yers to, to defeat the opponent, so to speak, as i observe in our pla<x>yers. Our fastest runners and receivers are smaller in stature, or long and lean, as Plaxico Burress, once on the Steelers, and now in a NYc prison...<br />
do you know how to show me if i can view your gaelic footy online somehow, as you know I am a novice on the compooter.<br />

Ahhh yes Rooney...... a magical name..... (Manchester United's striker's called Wayne Rooney!)<br />
Sorry, rambling.... American football is less physical than Rugby, Aussie Rules or Gaelic footy still don't get why pro US footballers need 6 months off.......

Hey Sean,<br />
Remember I'm in Sixburgh, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the greatest team in NFL history...Wearing more superbowl rings than any other team!!! Home of Franco Harris, and his Immaculate Reception, which I was most fortunate to watch!!!<br />
I think the pla<x>yers need 6 mos. off, to repair the damage to their bodies, and oh how they suffer forever from their injuries.<br />
My grandfather was friends with the original Rooney, and as a child, would often accompany him to games.<br />
Thanks for the wonderful memories, <br />

Deffo Peza..... but the US footy fits in with my Sunday night.... it's miles better than Songs of Praise or the Antiques Roadshow (don't tell them that's what they are up against!!!) .....<br />
Can you imagine if footy would have had 10min breaks in the 60's and 70's the UK pla<x>yers would have been off for a smoke and a pint (and a pie if they were in Wigan). Now if you gave them 10min breaks they would be off to the hairdressers!!<br />
No one has answered me why they need 6 months a year off...........

Listen la, Have been askin this for a longn time....But what the Furk are the rules in this mad game.!<br />
<br />
Rugby freaks me out , so you can Imagine the harm that American Football does to me.<br />
<br />
The way I see it , and the reason that Football has never properly taken off in U.S. is that they need breaks every 10 mins for advertisement revenue.<br />
,<br />
Am I right or what la.

Hi Gee-tar I follow Manchester United. Principally as I live quite close to Liverpool and most people round here follow Liverpool or Everton, which can be dangerous when Utd are playing either and I go to the pub to watch a match.... da** Scousers!<br />
I've followed the NFL since the early 80's there was a great highlights show on Channel 4 here. But moved on and look forward to Autumn sorry Fall/Winter nights and a bottle of lager sorry beer and some crisps sorry chips and catch 2 or 3 games on a Sunday evening.<br />
I would always point an American towards rugby rather than football. Not too dissimilar to US football, but at the line of scrummage the pla<x>yers make contact and can push the other team off the ball and there is no forward pass during a play. But you can beat the crap out of the other guy as long as you shake hands with him at the end!<br />
Think I'm going for the Jets this year as they(seem to me) to play a more measured game exploiting the other teams weakness, Sanchez and Greene are on fire when they get the football.<br />
Can anyone tell me why there is such a long break Feb to Aug?

This is a tricky one now... I've sold my soul to the Jets and now the Cowboys are going to string me up if I don't pledge..... "gulp" (tune in next week for the conclusion to the cliff hanger...) Anyone else want to put in a higher transfer bid?

New York it is then.....<br />
The Silver and Green. MEAN MACHINE.......