I Want My Wife To Show More.

My wife works in a heavy equipment mechanic shop and is the only female. She is very hot and like to dress that way. Knowing that all the men look at her each day really turns me on. She poses for me each morning in her sexy short dress or low-cut top because she knows I like it. When she gets home from work I am usually all worked up and like her to tell me if any of her “boys” have commented on what she was wearing that day. I know it turns her on to talk about it too.

I would like to take things a little farther and let one of these guys see her topless or completely nude. She has told me that she would like to flash then her **** if the time was right. We invited one of them to our house to help me fix our riding mower. She managed to come outside wearing short shorts and a small bikini top but never had the courage to flash. I would like some advise as to how we could make an “accident” happen so I can have this experience.

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I live in a similar situation. My wife is a bookkeeper for a construction company where she is the only female employee. My wife knows very well that I love the idea of her dressing sexy for her co workers, especially her boss who is forever reaching out and touching her **** and rubbing up against her ***. I tell my wife that I love it when she wears a very low cut jersey or a sheer blouse with a flimsy bra underneath. I also ask her to wear very short skirts for her workers. <br />
She does this, and does it very obediently. Her boss often asks her to wear sexy clothing, and she obeys with no problem. When she returns home, she tells me how men will come over to her desk and look down her jersey as they talk with her. She doesn't move herself away, and just lets the men look all they want. On Friday afternoons after work, the men will sit in a room and watch **** flicks and drink beer. They get off work at 3, and she has to stay until 530. On many ocasions, she will walk into the room, see the **** flick showing, and casually talk with the men as if she doesn't mind the flim being shown in front of her. Her cowrkers remark in front of her about the size of a girl's **** or how well the girl is swallowing a man's ****. I love her stories when she gets home.

Love it that her boss asks her to wear sexy revealing clothes and she does it! There must be more going on than just her sitting still so the guys can look at her hot bod!! ;)

Ask one of them if they know how to give her a massage. Tell them you want them to come over for something like BBQ or watch football.<br />
Sometime in the days before, talk to her a bit about feeling muscle pain and if she ever felt that way also.<br />
Usually everybody gets that way from time to time. That opens the door so when your talking to the guys, tell them about her feeling muscl pain and have one of them offer to massage her.<br />
Especially is she is wearing a mini skirt with no panties or a low cut shirt or better yet, both, then the guy gets many hot views of her and gives her an excude to show off a bit under the pretense of helping her to get rid of those aches and pains.<br />
You will need to have some advance conversation with your work mates as well as prep your wife about feeling pain and perhaps she shoud get a massage real soon.<br />
And then how nice of a supprise that the boys from work know how to do that.<br />
If you wait until she is dressed in someskimpy clothes, all the better for everybody there.<br />
If you need other ideas, e-mail me at:<br />
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Loose tops, wrap arounds, large arm holes...

Invite some of them over for a SuperBowl party and have her do all the food and beer, etc. - with lots of bending over.

Just reading gives me a hard on